Digital Shopping Mall

Experience shopping in a whole new way

Digital Shopping Mall, the first localized global digital shopping mall using blockchain technology and digital vouchers to reduce prices by up to 100 times, is a business incorporated in Ontario, Canada.

Our vision is to eradicate poverty worldwide.

Our mission is to connect all legal businesses with end consumers worldwide, enabling the latter to receive price cuts of up to 100 times, a capability not achievable independently by businesses. Additionally, we aim to economically empower our members to generate passive income using our affiliate business model, extending 10 generations deep, which they can utilize for free shopping on Digital Shopping Mall.

Shafi Kaluta Abedi

Shafi Kaluta Abedi
Director & President
Kaluta Shopping Mall Inc.

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Steve Hodgkiss

Steve Hodgkiss
Director & Vice-President
Kaluta Shopping Mall Inc.

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Janko Poljak

Janko Poljak
Kaluta Shopping Mall Inc.

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Business Model

The business model was conceived by Shafi about 11 years ago in 2013, and he developed the website to promote the idea, initially limited to the East African region. The website was named Maskani Yetu, which translates to Our Home in Swahili.

The original concept aimed to connect buyers so they could collaborate to purchase in bulk from suppliers and share the benefits on a pro-rata basis.

Unfortunately, the website was hacked irreparably, prompting Shafi to halt the project. He needed to secure sufficient funding before relaunching the website with adequate protection against hacks.

Raising money for the project wasn't easy for Shafi, especially since he was already retired. His initial expectation was to generate income from affiliate marketing programs he had joined, but this proved to be an elusive target for about 13 years up to now.

The challenges encountered in earning money from affiliate programs led Shafi to devise a novel method of making money online. In this approach, members receive commissions not only from the products or services they directly sell but also from all sales, capped at $100,000 per product or service. Under this system, being the first to recommend a product or service is paramount. Once the supplier agrees to add the recommended item to the Digital Shopping Mall, you begin earning recommendation commissions for each unit sold worldwide, with a cap of DSPs worth $100,000. No invitations are necessary, nor is communication with the supplier or purchases required to qualify for recommendation commissions. Simply recommend a product or service by completing a straightforward online recommendation form.

He also addressed the challenges of financial modeling by demystifying it and making it intuitive for people to utilize in preparing their own business plans. He achieved this by inventing a financial modeling technique which he coined as the Kaluta Projection Methodology.

In 2017, he decided to share the idea with one of the affiliate companies he worked with. This time, the idea was enhanced by incorporating a cryptocurrency that would allow buyers to purchase at future cryptocurrency prices and consequently pay less. The plan aimed to enable the company to generate revenue, which would, in turn, enable Shafi to earn money as one of its Founding Members. He intended to use these funds to develop his own project.

The company implemented the proposed business model. Unfortunately, the model didn't align with Shafi's instructions and ultimately failed to meet expectations.

Kaluta Shopping Mall Inc.

So, Shafi took the initiative to start the project himself. He reached out to Steve, a programmer and blockchain expert from the UK, and proposed teaming up to establish a company called Digital Shopping Mall to develop the business model. Fortunately, Steve agreed, and thus Digital Shopping Mall, which is now incorporated as Kaluta Shopping Mall Inc., was born. Its development has been significantly funded by our pre-launch members who purchase shopping points in advance. These points are redeemable for products and services to be offered in the mall after the inauguration of our revolutionary shopping software capable of reducing prices by up to 100 times (over 99% discount).

Subsequently, we approached Janko Poljak, a Canadian, to serve as our Canadian Resident Director to facilitate the incorporation of our company in Canada. Fortunately, he accepted the offer, and now we have Kaluta Shopping Mall Inc.

Shafi's story

Shafi, a Tanzanian from the Kigoma region, specifically the Ujiji area, and belonging to the Manyema tribe, is a certified public accountant and a certified banker. After graduating from the University of Dar es Salaam with a major in Accounting in June 1992, he began his professional journey. He started at CBE, Dodoma branch, in September 1992 as a Tutorial Assistant, where he taught accountancy and business mathematics until November 1992.

Following this, he joined Gapco Tanzania Ltd as an accountant from March 22nd, 1993, until December 31st, 1996. Shafi then transitioned to the Bank of Tanzania in January 1997, where he initially served in the Directorate of Finance, Foreign Accounts Department, as an Accountant until March 2001. He subsequently moved to the Directorate of Banking Supervision, Banks Supervision Department, as a Bank Examiner until June 2005, and later as a Senior Bank Examiner until October 13th, 2006.

From October 14th, 2006, to August 1st, 2008, Shafi worked as the General Manager, Finance, at Akiba Commercial Bank Ltd.

Shafi opted for early retirement from Akiba Commercial Bank and pursued a career as a freelance business plan preparations expert and networker. Unfortunately, neither endeavor proved to be lucrative. However, they did afford him the opportunity to refine his knowledge and skills accumulated prior to retirement, and to establish a global network of contacts. This network now serves as the foundation for building his global business empire, which boasts a unique business model with the potential to completely eradicate poverty worldwide.