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On March 31, 2024, it will be a historic day when the revolutionary cryptocurrency embodying digital, blockchain, cryptocurrency, pricing, discount, passive income, and moneyless revolutions, all packaged together, is officially minted. We have finalized decisions regarding the minting date, the minted quantity with an absolute maximum limit, the initial price of the minted DSC in the crypto exchanges, and the distribution of DSPs to those who will purchase DSPs until March 31, 2024.

The official minting date is March 31, 2024. The minted quantity has been increased from the planned 20 billion to 40 billion to facilitate the global expansion of DSM wings more rapidly through incorporation of DSM subsidiaries worldwide, that will venture into all economic sectors and create DSM brands that will be exclusively sold on DSM. The initial DSC price, which establishes the economic minimum value of DSC as DSM will not sell its DSCs below it, has been raised from the planned $20,000 to $50,000. The quantity of purchased DSPs for those who will acquire them up to March 31, 2024, will be doubled.

As we explained in our Tokenomics and amplified the explanations elsewhere, our unprecedented business model enables us to mint any quantity of DSCs and set any initial price we want. Still, our DSP is going to be hot globally as it is the only voucher that can afford their holders exclusive discounts not available elsewhere, plus opportunities to make unmatched passive incomes, while at the same time empowering suppliers to access ready-made wholesale markets for their outputs like never before and still get paid in their preferred currencies.

Believe it or not, it is going to happen, and it is going to rock the whole world big time. We understand your disbelief because this has never been done before, so the average person, who constitutes the majority, is not expected to comprehend what we are talking about and hence disbelieves it.

This aligns with the law of normal distribution, wherein you have very few people at the beginning, referred to as leaders, many people who will join after the leaders, referred to as the average people, and very few who will join at the end of the business life cycle, referred to as the laggards.

So, we expect very few people (leaders) to participate in our ground-floor opportunities, and many (average people) to join when the ground-floor opportunities are gone. But one thing for sure is that those who became aware of our ground-floor opportunities and ignored them for thinking it is impossible or a scam or both will regret it for the rest of their lives and will have a huge burden to explain to their next generations why they didn't even take the Founding Membership opportunity that was free to take?

For guests, note that we offer free Founding Membership opportunities until the 1 billion DSPs allocated for these rewards are fully distributed. You receive 1 DSP for joining DSM and an additional one for each referral in your network, up to 10 generations deep.

Moreover, each verified DSP in your network earns you one Founding Membership Point (FMP). At the end of the Founding Membership period, your total FMPs divided by the global FMPs will determine your permanent Founding Membership Ratio (FMR) that is inheritable to your heirs. This ratio will be used to allocate 10% of DSM's monthly revenue and a 20% shareholding in DSM's subsidiaries, to be incorporated globally for operating DSM and other businesses across all economic sectors.

Make no mistake, we are going places.

With 2000 DSPs valued at $50,000 per DSP, you will have a digital asset portfolio valued at $100 million. With DSM's shopping software capabilities to reduce prices by up to 100 times, your DSPs worth $100 million can be redeemed for products and services worth up to $10 billion!

For those who could not afford to pay a minimum of $100 to buy DSPs and become a DSM EFM, which, in addition to getting you DSPs at deep discounts during this pre-launch period, gives you the opportunity to recommend products and services not only in your local area as the rest of the members do but worldwide, gives you 10 deemed verified referrals for each dollar you spend to buy DSPs and hence increase your Founding Membership Ratio that is used to share 10% of DSM's monthly revenue and 20% shareholding in DSM's subsidiaries that will be incorporated worldwide, now you can get in by paying only $60 and above.

Now you can purchase the most valuable digital asset in town with a budget as low as $60 only, which will make you a prospective Unicorn!

Welcome to DSM EFM Club.